Vape Breakfast Classics Salts


Vape Breakfast Classics Salts

Vape Breakfast Classics ELiquids French dude salt

Vape Breakfast Classics Salts – These all time favourites are now available in salt nicotine format ! Available in either 10 or 20mg Strength.

French dude – Classic blueberry toast is a take on a classic american breakfast treat. Fluffy toast that has been soaked in syrup and then generously topped with whipped cream and blueberries. This truly is a breakfast of champions and the original french toast vape juice!

French Dude Reload – French Dude Reload Nic Salt by Vape Breakfast Classics brings you this excellent flavour in nicotine salt form. This flavour is a twist on the classic French Dude e-liquid, taking the French Toast, Blueberry and Cream blend and serving it with a slice of Lemon Tart, adding in a zesty kick.

Pancake Man – Pancake Man is the go to eliquid for pancake flavours. Combining warm, fluffy pancakes with fresh strawberries, whipped cream and maple syrup, you sure to start your day off right with this fantastic blend!

Pancake Man Deluxe – Deluxe Pancake Man takes the popular Pancake Man flavour as its base and takes it into overdrive. By adding fruity pebbles, Marshmallows and a generous scoop of vanilla ice cream these pancakes will satisfy your sweet tooth and offer a flavour explosion in every vape!

Pancake Man Reload – Pancake Man Reload by Vape Breakfast Classics is a twist on the classic Pancake Man flavour.  Infused with cookie butter These are then topped with Maple Syrup and freshly sliced strawberries.

Unicorn Cakes– A flavour that will transport your taste buds to a fantasy land, Unicorn Cakes by Vape Breakfast Classics takes a stack of fluffy pancakes, tops them with juicy blueberries and then drenches it in sweet strawberry milk.

What is Salt Nicotine?

In contrast to free-base Nicotine which is in most eliquids. Salt Nicotine comes directly from the Leaf. This makes it not only smoother but additionally much more adaptable to the taste and flavour of your eliquid. where as “freebase” nicotine eliquids battle to deliver flavour at high strengths. Salt Nicotine enters the bloodstream at a much greater rate. Nicotine salts will enhance your vaping experience.

First time buying salt e-liquid? You may need a Pod System.

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French Dude, French Dude Reloaded, Pancake Man, Pancake Man Deluxe, Pancake Man Reloaded, Unicorn Cakes

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