CBD Vape Shot


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CBD Vape Shot

Add CBD to any vape Eliquid !

We sell the highest quality vape additive, which consists of CBD isolate for the UK and other countries, and we can provide certified laboratory testing .

CO2 extracted


Pure CBD isolate

Odourless & Tasteless

Free of pesticides, heavy metals, and herbicides


Our CBD Vape additive is a pure concentration of cannabidiol and PG in a 2 ml bottle. We are making it ideal as a bioavailable and easy-to-dose additive to mix with any of your favourite e-liquids.

In CBD Vape shot we use CBD isolate – the purest form of CBD which completely excludes THC. The use of Isolate is an ideal solution to enrich the CBD e-liquid without damaging the smell and taste. We obtain crystalline cannabidiol from organic hemp by extraction of CO2 and precipitation of crystals, as this is the most proven high-quality extraction procedure.

The entire production process is fully compliant with FDA regulations.

The second component is Propylene glycol (PG) – is dihydric alcohol with a sweetish taste, without a characteristic colour and odour, used as an additive in food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. Propylene glycol is almost always present in medical inhalers and nebulisers.

In vaping, propylene glycol is used as a solvent and also promotes the absorption of CBD into the body. Each bottle of the vape additive has a concentrated CBD and three dosages ( 250mg, 500mg and 1000mg CBD strength) that everyone can choose depending on their needs and the desired effect.

CBD is extracted from the cannabis plant and contains no other elements of the plant. Using CBD isolate, you can be sure that there are no tastes, no smells, and most importantly, no THC. So has no psychoactive effects and you can be confident when taking a drug test!

By adding CBD Vape Shot to e-liquids you enjoy your favourite flavours and get all the benefits of the relaxation properties of CBD!

CBD Vape Shot is available in:

250 mg CBD strength

500 mg CBD strength

1000 mg CBD strength.

*This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease. Also please note the information on this page is for recommendation only and each individual is different*

Important Information: CBD may naturally crystallise at lower temperatures. If this should happen, stand the product in warm water until it becomes un-crystallised.

Please also note that when vaping CBD Vape Shot we recommend using at a low temperature (10w-30w).

Cbd Vape Shot Guide For Beginners

CBD is becoming increasingly popular in the world. In particular, in the UK, according to The Centre for Medicinal Cannabis Research notes that 6 million people in the country have used CBD in different forms (2019) and there is a tendency to increase these indicators compared to previous data.


CBD properties for human's health



Studies of CBD’s potential are ongoing, and we hope that scientists will discover new positive aspects of the CBD effect on the human body.

Recently, research results indicate its potential role in alleviating the symptoms of many common health problems, including mental health conditions, heart disease (decreased blood pressure), and skin problems.

CBD is not psychoactive, and it will not make you “ high”, which is one of the prominent arguments for people who use it. At the same time, adding CBD to your vape can positively affect

Pain Relief

Reduction of anxiety and stress


Mood improvement

Drowsiness (in large doses for insomniacs)

The consequences of using marijuana with a high level of THC (as it compensates for the adverse effects, memory impairment and paranoia, etc.)

CBD Vape Shot benefits



Bioavailability indicator? Is an indicator of how much of the compound (whether it’s vitamins, medicines or CBD) which enters your bloodstream, since it is the primary carrier of compounds in the body. The higher the bioavailability indicator, the better, which means your body will absorb the compounds better.

During the evaporation process, CBD enters the lungs and diffuses directly into the bloodstream. Instead of passing through the digestive system (for example, like CBD oils and edibles), CBD enters the bloodstream at a higher absorption rate, providing maximum bioavailability, sensing effects much faster, allowing you to eliminate anxiety attacks or outbreaks of pain quickly.

The effect of taking CBD in this form lasts several hours (which depends on the dosage, physique).


None psychoactive and will not make you “high”.

 safe for blood pressure or cardiovascular disease, unlike smoking.


With prolonged use, you do not need to increase the dosage to get the desired effect.

When using the CBD isolate, which is essentially the purest form, you can be sure of a negative result when taking a drug test, since it excludes THC (psychoactive cannabinoid).

Side effects, as a rule, are not known and can occur only with a sharp increase in the dose or individual characteristics of the body.

The fastest way to deliver CBD to the bloodstream compared to other CBD products.




Each person is individual, and according to your body weight and expected effect, you can find out which exact amount of CBD per day is perfect for you. For more experienced vapers who prefer different e-liquids, the shot can be easily added by drops directly to your tank before vaping. Our dosage chart will help you to know more precisely what dosage is optimal for your body weight.

CBD Dosage Chart


We created a vape shot so that you could enjoy your favourite flavours and brands and could enriching them with the benefits of CBD. We recommend using e-liquids with zero nicotine for vaping with CBD because the possible side effects of such a compound have not had enough detailed studies at the moment.

Nicotine is an extremely harmful component affecting health, and CBD is one of the ways that a nicotine-addicted person can use to stop using nicotine. We also recommend that you use e-liquids containing at least 30% PG in the composition. Fortunately, this is relatively easy to do since the vast majority of e-liquids have such a ratio.


Well, this is up to your preferences! There is no exact definition for which device is better for using CBD, so choose the one you are comfortable using.

From our side we would like to notice that e-liquid mixed with CBD Vape Shot  tends to give you the best experience if you use it in a pod system or a smaller vape pen with a tank designed for mouth-to-lung inhaling.

Also, using a sub-ohm tank, you may inhale a larger dose of CBD than you expected, and a high dose of CBD may not give you the effect you originally intended.


Potential side effects associated with CBD vaping require further research.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has suggested that the CBD is relatively safe to use. However, there are several possible side effects if you have an individual intolerance or you have sharply increased the dosage. These include:





CBD is a natural component and therefore, will not cause long-term or severe side effects.

In any case, if you are new to using CBD, we recommend starting with small dosages. See how your body responds to CBD before deciding whether to increase the amount.

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cbd vape shot

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