2 Tasty 100ml Eliquid


This tasty range of eight exciting fruity e-juices that have been specially developed to produce perfect intense flavour.


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2 Tasty 100ml Eliquid

2 Tasty 100ml Eliquid. Manufactured in the EU by Vapers Collective & GoBears. A tasty range of eight exciting fruity e-juice. Specially developed to produce perfect intense flavour. With a focus on producing refreshing exotic fruit combinations too.

Combining flavours such as Jackfruit and Lychee, Grapefruit and Cactus and Melon and Papaya. Consequently providing crisp clean flavours to ensure a perfect all day vape.

Available in 100ml Short fills.


Flavour Profiles :

Cranberry & Pear – Refreshing juicy pear combined with sweet red cranberries juiced at their peak ripeness thus making this a super fruity blend. That’s just 2 Tasty!

Blood Orange & Mango – Firstly tropical mango expertly blended with blood orange juice therefor giving this all-day vape a refreshing citrus zing. That’s just 2 Tasty!

Orange & Pitaya – Firstly beautifully refreshing pitaya, also known as dragon fruit, is perfectly balanced with the freshly squeezed juice from sun-ripened oranges to create this gorgeous yet tropical blend. That’s just 2 Tasty!

Prickly Pear & Passion Fruit – Juices from the prickly pear mimic a watermelon-bubblegum-like flavour which blends beautifully with sweet passionfruit to make this a delicious treat. That’s just 2 Tasty!

Pitaya & Pear –

Melon & papaya – Firstly, a balanced blend of honeydew melon and papaya that’s reminiscent of a summer vacation cocktail too and is just 2 Tasty!

Jackfruit & lychee – Surprisingly sweet jackfruit juice is mixed with tart yet aromatic lychee flavour to create a perfectly refreshing vape.  That’s just 2 Tasty!

Grapefruit & cactus – Firstyly , art grapefruit juice combined with sweet cactus to make this a deliciously well-balanced vape that’s just 2 Tasty!



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2 Tasty

Blood Orange and Mango, Cranberry and Pear, Grapefruit and Cactus, Jackfruit and Lychee, Melon and Papaya, Orange and Pitaya, Pitaya and Pear, Prickly Pear and Passionfruit



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