Ultimate Puff Eliquid

Those with a sweet tooth will fall in love with Ultimate Puff Eliquid and be left wanting more. They have several distinct ranges to choose from and a medley of flavours.
Sherbet range. Featuring the refreshing tastes of Apple & Mango, Cherry, Lemon, Rainbow, Raspberry and Strawberry Laces. Guaranteed to take your senses to sunnier days.
Chilled range is perfect for those opting for a cooler sensation with their next vape experience. created for vapers looking for retro flavours of the good old days.
Candy Drops selection. brings you back to those childhood memories.
Shakes collection has plenty of options to satisfy any mood. No matter whether you fancy a chocolate, vanilla or banana shake we’ve got your back!
Ultimate Puff Eliquid isn’t called Ultimate for nothing, as every option packs a punch and will leave you wanting more.
Delivering delicious flavours with every puff, mix it up and find your new fix today.
This outstanding range put the fun back into your vaping experience, with plenty of options to keep you going.

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